Modeling Agent

Modeling Agent

Bruce Porter Jr is the COO and Co Founder of EmmeGirls LLC. EmmeGirls is a worldwide marketing and modeling agency headquartered in Washington, DC. Better know as the Social Networks Manager Mr. Porter has a proven ability to use social media to drive traffic to specific sites via relevant keywords. Mr. Porter overseas all SEO, Social Media, Advertising, and Branding of EmmeGirls™, ModelBuzz™, Social Networks Manager™, and GlobalBoost®.

ModelBuzz™ is a social media news network for models and fashion aficionados. This is the first of many social networks Mr. Porter has built and is fully functional and quite powerful. With a video chat feature and some of his own personal SEO tricks to boot ModelBuzz™ is interviewing top talent looking for elite representation. ModelBuzz™ is especially interested in new talent, fresh faces, and savvy models.

Mr. Porter’s experience has put him at the forefront of the social media advertising revolution. He continues to develop talented models, ultra luxury events, social networks, advertising campaigns, trade marks, and patents. He is available as an advertising consultant and modeling agent.

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